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Dental Malocclusion in Gainesville, GA

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General dentist Dr. Patrick B. Toms of Patrick B. Toms, D.M.D. is highly skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of dental malocclusions. He offers 20+ years of experience treating Gainesville, GA area patients misaligned bites or jaws that do not match up between your teeth. You may recognize the symptoms of a dental malocclusion like an underbite, an overbite, or an oddly matched alignment of the upper and lower jaw. Although it's often hereditary, malocclusion can be advanced by thumb sucking, teeth grinding, or trauma. If left untreated, dental malocclusion can cause tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ, and in some cases, sleep disorders. Dr. Toms can classify your dental malocclusion in three ways:

Class I Dental Malocclusion
The Class I dental malocclusion is the most prevalent. This misalignment develops because the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth.

Class II Dental Malocclusion

A Class II dental malocclusion indicates that the upper teeth and jaw severely overlap the bottom teeth and jaw.

Class III Dental Malocclusion
The lower teeth project further than the upper teeth in a Class III dental malocclusion. The bottom jaw will jut outwardly and cover the upper teeth and jaw in this abnormal bite.

If you would like to learn more about malocclusions and how Dr. Toms would approach your treatment, please call for a consultation. 

Best Candidates for Dental Malocclusion

If your jaw alignment is not in the right position, then you can consider yourself a candidate for malocclusion correction. Kids, teens, and adults can all have a poor alignment that needs an intervention — especially if your dental malocclusion is causing cracks in your teeth or pain while chewing.

In the three different classes of dental malocclusions, you will find that each class has its own range of severity. In the majority of circumstances, your therapy will involve orthodontics to address your specific malocclusion.

What to Expect

The recommended treatment for most malocclusions is typically in the form of orthodontic care. Our staff relies on the support of local orthodontists and oral surgeons if the severity of your dental malocclusion is beyond treatment at Patrick B. Toms, D.M.D. With a referral, Dr. Toms will send you to see a specialist who can provide the treatment you need. This may include braces, retainers, or clear teeth aligners. Patients with acute overcrowding of their teeth might need to have a few teeth pulled before receiving additional therapy. If the jaw is badly misaligned, then Dr. Toms might recommend surgery to correctly reposition and eliminate facial deformities.


If braces or clear aligners are recommended as a treatment, you may wear them for two or more years. Once your teeth have been fixed, a removable or fixed retainer will be required to keep the teeth in their new position. You should always maintain regular dental examinations so that Dr. Toms can continue to monitor your bite and jaw alignment for changes.

Insurance Coverage

The cost of your treatment for dental malocclusion will depend on the treatment required. Our billing team will speak with your dental insurance provider, if applicable, to inquire about your benefits and the associated costs. Next, we will speak with you to discuss exactly what will be covered, your options for payment, and available medical financing opportunities.

Aligning Your Goals

At Patrick B. Toms, D.M.D., we work to find and address malocclusion to provide you with a straighter and more comfortable smile. Contact our Gainesville, GA office today to set up an appointment and reach your goal of realignment.

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